Dead Man Walking in Connecticut – Transcript MaxTVnews, Max Kolonko

By Max Kolonko | August 18, 2015

Richard Roszkowski sentence commutedRichard Roszkowski, a Polish man from Connecticut who killed three people including a mother and her 9-year-old daughter will not get a death penalty and his sentence will be commuted to life in prison.
The decision made by the state’s Supreme Court. Roszkowski is the man who’s life was defended by the former president of Poland B. Komorowski who claimed that Roszkowski is a Polish citizen so his life should be spared as there’s no death penalty in Poland.

komorowski challenges
The Connecticut Supreme Curt made such a decision as in 2012 the politicians in the state decided that death penalty should be abolished there. They passed the bill in state’s parliament but after that they had a problem what to do with 11 inmates that were on death row and  that’s how the state’s Supreme court came into play.
The state’s Supreme Court said in its opinion if the politicians decided that capital punishment  is a cruel punishment and is unconstitutional why those 11 should be now penalized with that cruel punishment?

Based on that logic they had written their majority 4-3 decision arguing, among others, that the law is a-changing. that in XVII century we used to flog and now we have financial penalties instead and that the death row inmates “suffer” as they have to wait for years for their death as well as argued that death penalty has a minimal impact on killer’s decisions so the deterrence factor is here minimal.
That’s what we read in court’s opinion. The majority also said that those condemned to death receive a celebrity status in the media and they enjoy undeserved popularity as a side factor.

Support for death penalty in the US
My take:
Charles Manson wouldn’t have been a celebrity he had become had he fried 40 years ago as he should. He’s got the death penalty but the law had changed and he got away with life imprisonment. Now he is a celebrity. He’s got books, movies etc. and should be but a cemetery stone for the past 40 years lying in the ground in some forgotten field called helter-skelter. That’s that happens when we change death penalty sentences to life imprisonment.
Roszkowski – that thug – he grabbed on a boardwalk in Bridgeport that poor woman by her head, put the gun to her head. She screamed: please don’t kill me in front of my child! He did. The child’s running. She’s running for her life. He starts after her – after a 9-year-old girl – a big man with a gun in his hand is chasing a child. He shoots, hits her in the leg – the girl falls – he runs up to her – the little girl covers her face with her hands:
Please don’t kill me! – she begged. He shot her in the face.
During the trial he acted out a deranged man. They ARE afraid of death penalty –
it’s not true that it is not a deterrent; it is a preventive measure when you know you got a death penalty for a violent crime It’s like in Texas. Everyone in America knows two things about Texas: you kill a cop – you’re dead. You kill with cruelty and  you got the chair.
Those are the unwritten rules always encoded in the minds of those who decide to hurt someone out there in those places where the law works as it should.

total number of US executions
Two:  I don’t know how the law functioned in XVII century or if they swapped flogging for  financial penalties but I know that at that time in England when a woman murdered her husband she was burnt at stake. We are talking about a severe punishment for severe crimes. We are talking about acts of cruelty. Penalty for cruel acts was always cruel appropriate to crime committed and punished by the means available at the time .
Thus we had a guillotine. Or firing squad, or hanging and now we have the gas amber
or lethal injection etc. depending on the state. But not everyone  still likes that.
In California the state’s over 700 death row inmates protest they protest the new death chamber – they have lethal injection in CA – they protest as they don’t like the chamber for it’s too cruel in appearance.  Federal judge suspended in July all death sentences
for the state to figure out the mess they have there. In my opinion those liberal lawyers and judges, they would spare the death penalty for Nazis in Nuremberg. They would’ve been writing memoirs now pointing to a gas chamber saying: ” – I’m not going in there. That’s too cruel!”  Why, you got better ones in Auschwitz, right?

Executions by race in the US
Three: Issues like death penalty – those are petitional issues.
It is not for politicians to decide – raise hand up in a vote to look better in front of a nation or elsewhere on some international arena that we don’t have the death penalty.
It is not up to president to decide that in a given country we are abolishing death penalty cause we’re signing up to some international agreements death penalty is a petitional issue cause it pertains to us, the people cause the killers hide among us, they kill us – so it is US to decide whether the death penalty should – in our society, state, or country – be imposed.

Since you’re approaching the referendum in Poland I propose to add to the referendum a very important question: Are you for reinstatement of capital punishment in Poland?
and while you’re at it – I’d add: Are you for the right to keep and bear arms?

Telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York.

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Poles saved America (and went on strike right thereafter) – MaxTVnews transcript

By Max Kolonko | August 6, 2015

tombsAn archaeological sensation in America. The discovery was made in Jamestown. Jamestown Fort was the first permanent white European settlement in America established in 1607. In its center a church once stood. it was the first church in America where Pocahontas got married to an English noble – the first mixed marriage in America. 
Jamestown Fortkosciol

Around he altar area 4 tombs were discovered of a chaplain, a lawyer, a knight and a military man. The chaplain’s name was Hunt – He arrived to America cause his wife had left him he arrived with a library – it was burned by Indians – Hunt himself got killed soon after.
The knight’s name was Sir Wayman He was a noble and affluent man as his bones contained large amounts of lead – an indication that Sir Wayman used lead tableware and not just some wooden ladle – a sign of high status. Apparently he ate healthy food and stuffed himself with lead  but that’s what it used to be like in those days.

The attorney – Sir Archer had a problem of his own the anthropologists counted 14 cavities in his teeth but he also had a silver box stored in his legs with a mysterious content inside. They cleaned up the box and discovered a letter “M” engraved on its lid. “M” as in Max or Mary – that was the name of Sir Archer’s mother. They didn’t open the container – just scanned it – it seems to contain bone fragments of some sort and an open lead ampulla.

lead ampulla Fort Jamestown

A silver box found at Fort Jamestown and its content


They all seem to die violently and young – in their 30s most likely killed by Indians – that’s how it could be interpreted The coffins were of anthropoid shape relatively complex with a separate space for the head as in pharaoh coffins.

Discovering America chapter

My take is this: These coffins most likely were built by the Poles. It was Polish craftsmen who arrived to Jamestown right on the second ship. In 1607 – first settlers arrived. n 1608 – the craftsmen, Poles and Germans. Why craftsmen were sent there? To save those settlers as they knew nothing about anything. They had no skills,  were afraid to plant crops for fear to be killed by Indians. In fact they were starving. A horrible starvation decimated the settlers.From over 300 settlers who arrived to Jamestown in 1607 only a few dozen survived in the following months.  Hence Fort Jamestown was at the time called The Morgue. No one in Europe at that time used to say:  You’re going to America but: You’re headed to that morgue? You nuts?

So they sent Poles to the rescue. It was also Poles who organized first labor strike in America of 1617. They demanded equal rights and got their demands met.  So Poles not only rescued America but also took part in the establishment of America.

ODKRYWANIE AMERYKI FRONT - CopyTwo – Among those first settlers were also slaves. Were they Negroes? No, they were white slaves. I write about this in my book Discovering America though they are today called by a politically correct term: “indentured servants”.
Why so? Cause they were arriving on a contract. Young boys from England and Germany who couldn’t afford the ticket for the trip. So they approached their Lord and said: I go with you.
Can I work my ticket back? They signed a contract and worked for years to be free from that slavery
I write in my book how it looked in detail. For example if parents of a child died during the journey – a long 2-3 months adventure across the ocean,  it was children who had to earn back price of the ticket with their labor for the Lord. It is estimated that  2/3 of all the settlers who arrived to America between 1607 and 1776, were white slaves.

And finally Three: Pocahontas – she was a nice piece of a** indeed. Pocahantes

I’m telling like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

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How to hijack a vehicle remotely – (transcript MaxTVnews)

By Max Kolonko | July 30, 2015

hijacked carImagine you’re doing a 100 mph on a highway when suddenly – your brakes fail, wipers turn on, lights go off , radio turns on and starts playing Requiem by Mozart and on the car’s monitor – the face of your ex pops up and says – I got you – you SOB…
Long story short – you’ve been hijacked. You’re DOA.Can you remotely hijack a car moving down the road?
Turns out – yes you can.

miller valasek

These two guys hijacked Jeep Chrysler riding on a highway while sitting in a basement 15 miles away How they did that?
First computers began to be installed in vehicles ca 90s a simple piece of equipment at first just to control the engine, air conditioning then it got more and more complicated – and today – the computer systems turned into home entertainment systems similar to those at your home that’s what kids play with in the back seat. They got wi-fi, play computer games, you can make calls access navigation system etc everything that shows on your screen. Everything would be OK if the system would’ve been limited to your car only.
But they are often connected to an external network which can be hacked into. which provides you with the access to movies and other useful features – as communication between a driver and an external network like Onstar which you know – when you drive and a voice comes up out of nowhere hi My name is Elise – how are you today Max? And you go – what the heck you’re doing in my car? And she goes – I’m Onstar – just checking if you’re OK cause I see your airbag deployed. Have you been in an accident?
In another case you can open your car when you locked out You just call Onstar and they open the door for you – very helpful indeed.
But today modern cars have not only its own phone number but also own IP address – just like a computer.
So if you hack onto the external network which connects to your car – you can hijack the car. And that’s what these two programmers did.  They hacked into Uconnect which Jeep Chrysler utilizes in his models. They took control of the vehicle while on the road shut off brakes, turned wipers and radio on till they ditch the vehicle. Posted a video of that on YouTube.

That’s is nothing however what Chris Roberts did. A well know figure among the programmers Roberts specializes in computer systems security issues onboard commercial airplanes. Chris Roberts hijacked remotely an entire plane out of a passenger’s seat. How did he do that?

By hacking to plane’s entertainment system. The box is located under the seat in some models. He unscrewed the box, plugged in an ethernet cable connected to his laptop and was able to get to pilot’s cabin which connects to the system – what you know – when the pilot announces – we’re flying at such and such altitude.  Now from inside the cabin Roberts was able to connect to plane’s avionics.  Now he could take control of the plane. He could change plane’s flight, altitude etc. all this sitting in a backseat of the plane. Roberts tweeted from the plane – I’m about to get arrested and he did.

ChrisRoberts- hack

FBI knew him already – asked what’s he doing?  He said he was able to gain control of the plane from the passenger’s seat. They couldn’t believe their ears. My take – Today you can have not only your car hijacked remotely or plane – but your entire life. Refrigerators have computers, laundry machines, security systems. Utilities companies have computers installed in your house to check gas meters. They do all this remotely now – long story short- your entire life can be hijacked. Just don’t tell that your ex.
I’m Max Kolonko and I’m telling it like it is – New York

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Go Set a Watchman (of political correctness) transcript MaxTVnews on Harper Lee’s new book

By Max Kolonko | July 26, 2015

Harper lee go set a watchmanA newly published book is drawing national attention in the US. The book is already a bestseller but at the same time it’s a book that politically correct establishment would already like to ban.It’s about Go Set a Watchman -a segue to Harper Lee’s “To Kill Mockingbird”.
We all remember the 1962 movie with Gregory Peck who plays an attorney defending a black man accused of raping a white woman. Unfortunately Poland’s liberal media translated the title literally as: “To Kill a Thrush”. (Polish: Zabic Drozda) as in literal translation a Mocking Bird is “Drozd- Przedziezniacz” in Polish and lacks the  “mocking” part . The proper translation should therefore be “Zabic Ptaszka” – Lit. – “Kill that Birdie!”- as in: that Birdie who committed that awful crime who in the end turned out to be innocent as a dove. Harper Lee used the word Mockingbird as it contains another word – “mocking” as the whole story is about a mockery of the system of the life in 1930s Alabama when a black man was considered guilty until proven innocent.
“To Kill a Mockingbird” then – Go set a Watchman – now published over 50 years after it was written – why?
They got to organize Lee’s belonging in an attic of her house. She’s in her 90s – still as sharp as a needle. They found the manuscript and went ahead to publish it. There was a growing anxiety – would it be another masterpiece?

harper lee 2015 and 1961
Everyone wanted to buy the book – now it’s on bookstores – people began to read it and…
The NYT summed it up in one word – SHOCKING! Why shocking? It turned out the brave white attorney – Atticus Finch is now a racist. not only that – he is a segregationist and a KKK member  who says to his daughter – Do you want Negroes by the carload in our schools churches and theaters? You want them in our world?
Liberal media went crazy cause of that – they said – Mrs Harper has gone mad. She must have gotten insane in her older years. Or maybe she doesn’t know the book got published so they asked her did you know your book got published? Of course – I’m glad it did! The book is now a bestseller – the establishment’s wants to kill it.

Bamiyan buddha destroyed

Bamiyan Buddha destroyed in 2001 by Taliban

bambo My take is this: There’s no difference between those Taliban barbarians who were firing artillery shells at Bamiyan Buddhas to eradicate another culture and those who eradicate traces of Polish culture by eliminating the word Murzynek (a traditional Polish word for: a Negro) from a Polish literary classic “Murzynek Bambo” (Bambo the Negro) Since they discovered that liberal Europe prefers a politically correct word “African”. They now eliminate the word and a poem set in Polish culture. Murzynek (A Negro) is a beautiful word and it should be used.

There’s no difference between those Caliphate barbarians who smash Syrian historic statues with sledgehammers just because they represent a different culture – than their own if they got one at tall – and those barbarians of political correctness –
who smash Mark Twain with PC sledgehammers just because he used a word Negro – in his books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer the word was commonly in use in the language of Mississippi of 1850 when the books were written.

Now we have Mrs Harper Lee’s novel. One author, one plot basically moved 20 years ahead, one book is a masterpiece and the other should be banned just because it’s politically incorrect? Taliban has lost – Caliphate will be defeated and you – cultural Marxist – will lose too. Since at the end of the day it is us who decide what we want to read and watch and it is us who decide like it is

I’m Max Kolonko and I tell it like it is – New York.

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Iran Nuclear Deal opens path to eliminate Caliphate by Max Kolonko (transcript MaxTVnews commentary)

By Max Kolonko | July 21, 2015

Key provisions in the Iran nuclear deal

Political pundits are analyzing the deal (see full document below) US made with Iran. According to the deal Iran will reduce the number of its centrifuges by 2/3 and reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium to 300 kg from 10 tons it currently has. It will not enrich uranium over 3.68% – meaning – it will not produce uranium for the purpose of having a bomb which requires enrichment to over 90% level.

urnaiu m
If there is a suspicion that something is being hidden in the installations –
UN inspectors should be able to enter and examine the site within 28 days – don’t know why it was set to be so long  but that’s what’s in the paper. Sanctions on Iran will be lifted if Iran complies with the agreement – if not – they will be snapped back within 2 months In addition ban on conventional arms sales will be lifted within the next 5 years and ban on missiles – within 8 years. US Congress needs to approve the deal within 2 months.


Israel says the deal is just a whole lot of crap that it’s a hoax and Iran took the world for a ride and will soon have a nuclear bomb.

My take is this: What YOU should get from the deal is lower gas prices on the pump as Iranian oil will flow to the world. Two – Israel would’ve knocked down the nuclear reactors 2 years ago  hadn’t Barack Obama come up with the deal offer and tied Israel’s hands Israel’s hands are still tied – can’t act unilaterally and knock the reactors out since as long as the agreement is in place -they can’t do it.

Which also means – and that’s a negative – what American commentators not mention – that so far the problem of  a nuclear Iran was chiefly an Israeli problem.

Now it has become the US problem since there’s a US signature on those agreements which means that if – let’s say in 2 years – Iran says they will not let the inspectors in and don’t comply – they want to develop a nuclear bomb – it will be the US which will have to take the reactors out – not Israel.

Why? Cause Saudi Arabia is now afraid of Caliphate and it needs the US to eliminate them – but the US doesn’t want to eliminate Caliphate entirely as they want to keep the oil prices low.

Sunni vs Shia Muslims political influence

Now however – it’s Iran which popped up as the leverage so the US doesn’t need Caliphate anymore. Why Iran?  Cause it encircles Saudi Arabia in the south in Yemen and Syria in the north. Now Iran will be arming itself as ban on arms sales will be lifted so they will take over the role of the Caliphate now which means  that a road to elimination of Caliphate is now open.

In a span of next months – you might expect to see a larger offensive against the Caliphate and possibly the elimination of the Caliphate in its entirety.

And lastly. Through the entire document  (see below) permeate Putin’s fingerprints. After all the entire deal but a few weeks ago was DOA. US Secretary of State J, Kerry panicked, was tripping, he was heard screaming at people and that’s when Putin entered the game – and said – (through Lavrov) let’s lift conventional arms embargo – and both sides jumped on it and the deal crystallized.

Why Russia wants the arms embargo lifted? Cause it is Russia which will provide Iran with arms they want to sell – they want to do business and profit.

So the arms will flow to Iran – from there to Hezbollah etc. but Russia will get rich – Putin will get rich – resources will flow both ways.

But all this begs the main question: who is really running the show in the region –
Is it Obama’s America or perhaps Putin’s Russia?

I’m Max Kolonko – Telling it like it is – from New York



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