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Free Tommy Thompson! – by Max Kolonko (MaxTVnews transcript)

By Max Kolonko | March 25, 2015

One of the smartest fugitives from the law – Tommy-mosquito-bit-me-Thompson will face a judge in Ohio.

Thompson is one of the smartest fugitives from the law – as he is the one who discovered the Ship of Gold – which sank at the coast of South Carolina. I call him Tommy-mosquito-bit-me-Thompson cause when Feds caught up with him in Florida and wanted to send him to court in Ohio – he said: – Sorry guys – can’t go with you to Ohio cause I got bitten by a South American mosquito and I’m allergic to cold climates.

Tommy ThompsonIn fact – there is a South American mosquito which does just that. Before Thompson got bitten by the mosquito and before he was apprehended by US Marshals he was obsessed with finding the treasure which sank over 150 years ago at the coast of South Carolina. It was 49ers treasure – gold-seekers who set out in 1949 for gold in California. A few years later they were coming back with gold. The ship encountered storm and sank –  a big tragedy – half a thousand people died and 21 tons of gold perished – maybe even more – no one knows exactly.Thompson set out to find that gold using two variables – A diving device he himself invented – and Bayesian theoremWhat’s Bayesian theorem? When you play lotto – and #3 popped up in first drawing – in 2nd drawing also #3 occurred – you have a reason to belief a # 3 should occur again. So he used Bayesian probability principle – by determining what was the course of the ship — the course of the storm – when they met – to find out where she sank. 

tommy thompson map MaxTVnews

Thompson’s Bayesian theorem at work

They dived – and – indeed 3 tons of gold laid in the sands on the bottom of the ocean just like in the movies. Now there was a problem since it was worth $150M – not a small change and all the insurance companies which insured the gold 150 years ago came up for their cut ut Tommy-mosquito-bit-me-Thompson won all thse claims in court keeping 96% of the gold. Now the investors showed up who invested $12M in the search – now said- all gold is ours. Thompson ran with the money. Was wanted by the Feds – now they found him.

Tommy Thompson

Gold from SS Latin America

– My take is this: Leave the man alone! OK? He searched for the gold all his life – dived – risking his life – the gold should be his! We – the regular people love such characters. Remember hat guy in Catch Me If You Can – Leonardo DiCaprio played? Who first pretend to be a doctor or a pilot – we love such characters as they are colorful maybe they cheat a bit, but don’t harm physically anyone. And keep in mind: that one from Tutankhamun got bitten by mosquito too and he died That’s why Messrs. investors – leave Tommy-mosquito-bit-me alone. A man like that rarely happens. But a South American mosquito- it can happen to you someday.

Max Kolonko – Telling It Like It Is – New York

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