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Russia’s Syrian Blitz – (transcript MaxTVnews) Max Kolonko

By Max Kolonko | October 8, 2015

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Russia took over initiative in the Middle East.Russian planes neutralized 60 targets in just a few days.Russian media showed SU34 in a blusterous flight and a Russian general states rebels are escaping to Europe now.They also showed drone footage showing a half a ton BETAB500 bombs exploding eliminating enemy’s targets.
However here in the US we’ve seen sth else. The media showed burning buildings then an info “Russian attacks killed 2 children and a shephard”. That lasted till next day when world media reported the US war planes accidentally bombed a hospital in Afghanistan sending half a dozen people auf viedersehn. US president B.Obama said Russia will be bogged down in Syrian quagmire and that the US is sending another cache of weapons for rebels in Syria via Turkey corridor. The same rebels Syrian President Assad calls “terrorists”. That’s what he said in a very interesting interview he granted to an Iranian television station.Assad_Asma-x-large
He said in the interview – among others. Allow me to recapitulate the interview for you as here in the US and Europe the media quote the interview but very selectively. You can find the entire interview here:

POLAND and Jews MaxTV

Watch: Minority Narrative of Guilt explained on MaxTV: how minorities push majority against the wall of guilt for benefits

President B. Assad said there an interesting thing that Syria accepted a flood of refugees who arrived to Syria after American invasion on Iraq in 2003-4 then arrived the Turks, Kurds so Syria became a country with large ethnic minorities and it is the ethnic minorities who are now being armed chiefly by Saudi Arabia to stirr a rebellion then joined by the US to begin rebellion to overthrow president Assad through ethnic minorities. It’s interesting to me cause. I’ve told you in MaxTV commentary Poland and Jews what minorities can do that ethnic minorities always weaken the state.Ethnic minorities – I said – can be used to cause tensions create rebellions of all sorts be armed and take over power militarily or do the same by peaceful means- enter the parliaments and overthrow governments demolishing the state from within.  President B.Assad said Syria is willing to reform he said that in the interview – and that he is willing to conduct a referendum in Syria so that Syrians could decide themselves who governs there and that is Syrian people who should decide who governs Syria – not foreign powers.
What we see now in the Middle East is two superpowers fighting for influence US and Russia Russia’s coalition is Iran, Iraq and Syria.A for blog UKLAD SIL
US coalition is European countries plus Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar both coalitions fight for influence on Syria’s territory. In my social model of politics you need to add to that another division into Sunni (dark gray color) and Shia Muslims (light gray color). Shia is Iran, Iraq, Syria Sunni is Saudi Arabia, Qatar and basically all around. Over that division you need to add another one: Wahabi Sunni – which is Caliphate ISIS a Sunni faction which wants to destroy everything around and then we got another element which is Israel which thinks they all are after destroying them. AA GRAPH political force for blogA tense environment in which in my opinion Russian took now the initiative and did that bullet fast. President Obama said “it’s not some chessboard out there” which means Obama doesn’t play chess but basketball. Cause if he’d play chess – he’d know what a BLITZ in chess is. BLITZ is a quick chess game you get 3- 5 min for the game. And that’s what Putin is doing in Syria. Just look how quickly he got this thing going Putin did in 2 weeks what Obama was doing in years. First he smuggled his jets to Syria flying them to Syria under cargo planes with humanitarian aid SU 34 were thus invisible to radar. Then he sent 2000 of his ” green men” and now he can act. Putin did all that around UN session in NYC when he knew all those who don’t want to talk to him will be there and willing to talk.Then he set up an interview with CBS 60 minutes explaining why is Russia present in Syria. Russia can change dynamics of the war in Syria quickly as they got everything needed for military operations there 6 T90 3rd generation tanks 15 howitzers 28 war planes SU from numbers 25 to 34 which they smuggled under bellies of cargo planes flying with humanitarian aid to Syria Russia also has from 1500 -2000 military personnel on-site. RUSSIA military in SyriaAn interesting situation came up in the CBS interview where Mr Putin gave an explanation for their presence there. In his argument for intervention in Syria president Putin used the opposing argument for his annexation of Crimea. I told you in my MaxTV commentary Putin annexed Crimea basing it on my model of Nation Coming to its Roots. Russia is engaged wherever interest of Russian ethnic minorities are involved. In the interview Putin claimed Russian ethnic minority is present in Syria as well. But it is fighting in Syria on the side of Caliphate ISIS.. So Putin enters Syria conflict to kill them off instead of waiting for them to arrive to Russia to cause problems. It’s an interesting argument politically. Politically absolutely correct. That is why you have 2000 Russian military men 1 to 1 – 2000 military for 2000 fighters of Russian ethnicity.Putin interview CBS

Watch portions of the interview

Watch Revision of Yalta a MaxTV program on revision of borders in Europe half a year before Russia's annexation of Crimea

Watch Revision of Yalta a MaxTV program on revision of borders in Europe half a year before Russia’s annexation of Crimea

My take on this Syrian mess is this: Both US and Russia could knock out all that barefoot Caliphate running around deserts one two three had there been a political will. But there isn’t. The US needs Caliphate ISIS as a leverage on Saudi Arabia which is afraid of ISIS – to keep oil prices low. Saudi Arabia is OPEC and OPEC is every third barrel of oil entering the market. And low oil prices also hits Russia indirectly. But hurting more Russian people than the business. You read in papers – Ruble drops, Russian economy will collapse etc – true – but at the same time their exports are cheap With low production cost and cheap Ruble – their oil is cheap. Russia floods the markets with oil. And cause of that – according to a recent report – Russian state companies Rosneft and Lukoil – mostly thanks to the sanctions – made this year – twice as much money as BP and Exxon Mobile. Of course low oil prices concern Russia in a long run if oil prices would drop to around $40 /barrel Russia would have a problem. So Russia enters the conflict, take the initiative and US has not much of a move here. There was some talk who wanted to meet first – Putin or Obama. Of course it was the US which was pushed against the wall by Russia’s acts. Russia put a footprint in Syria and now acts from the position of strength.Russia took over the initiative in the entire region. They signed a Syria, Iran, Iraq intell deal to cooperate their efforts jointly.poitical interests in the middle east us russia saudi arabia So Russia is full speed ahead in Syria. And the US got not much of a move – the Iran deal as a leverage on Saudi Arabia may not last and for US to cope with the Caliphate ISIS problem the US soldiers would have to enter the region and they don’t want to do it – as the nation is against it so the US would have to use some of those rebels and that’s what they did. In July the CIA found 54 of those rebels in Syria who were against Caliphate ISIS and against Assad. They armed them. Spent nearly $42M on training for training 54 commandos to fight against Assad and against Caliphate the trouble was it turned out there are 5 of them left only. Where’s the rest? They were last seen  crossing border with Turkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if those 54 fighters trained in killing – would’ve been seen for the last time jumping head first into a train in Austria heading to Berlin as Syrian refugees.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

Watch Russia’s Syrian Blitz on MaxTVnews

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