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The Flood (part 2) – MaxTvnews transcript on migrant crisis in Europe.

By Max Kolonko | September 19, 2015

web-refugees-graphic-2European Union is closing its borders ahead of flood of Muslim migrants. First Germany closed its border with Austria, then Austria closed the border with Hungary, Hungary closed its border with Serbia and Polish PM E. Kopacz sent the Minister of Interior for a flyover of Poland’s borders on Monday… and reported to her on Tuesday what she saw.
The domino was triggered by Germany as its Chancellor, Merkel, decided
Germany accepted the number of cheap labor which Germany’s economy needed to maintain its growth. They accepted the limits that were required.  The political goal was reached and now they say ‘we are closing the borders.’ It’s a “schluss’ and the migrant problem is now yours.
But with the closing of Germany’s borders Chancellor Merkel suspended the functioning 1 of 2 main pillars on which EU stands: the Shengen Area. The 2nd pillar on which EU stands – is Eurozone.

two pillars of eu That pillar was undermined by the Greece crisis. Now 2nd pillar on which EU stands – the Shengen area was undermined by the Muslim flood which means the EU is now wobbling on its legs and may be collapsed by ethnic minorities which is what I’ve been repeating for a long time. In my opinion EU is not capable of coping with the problem as it doesn’t have politicians good enough to handle the crisis Tusk, Mogherini and Juncker can’t do it and have no organization to secure EU borders.

frontex budget 2015

FRONTEX is a joke. All they can do is to fish out the drowned from the water. (read 2015 budget numbers below)

What needs to be done is sending military to secure the borders and military to guard the immigrants’ camps. Then you have to count all the migrants in the camps number them – and send them back where they came from.
Only then you can start thinking about legal immigration to Europe.
My take on this mess is as follows:
Poland has no obligation to accept anybody. Poland is a monoethnic country and this is a huge advantage of Poland. Monoethnicity is Poland’s strength. Poland has lately a very strong anti-immigration sentiment – is just ahead of parliamentary elections and should accept no immigrants at this time.

distribution of migrants in Germany

Similarly Germany doesn’t send migrants to lands with strong anti-migrant sentiment like Mecklenburg, West Pomerania where they sent a meek 2%. Why? Cause of NPD in parliament – the nationalists who would’ve immediately sent the migrants into space. Two: I said in May – you take in 2000 – you get 10 000 half a year later. You got 12 000. You take 12 000 – soon you’ll get 20 – 50 K as this people multiply cause of birth rate you have to multiply all this by 6 as that’s what this culture is about. They are Christians but of different culture -Syrian In that culture high fertility rate ia a virtue that the family is vital, prosperous. In European, Polish culture it’s totally different – you got 1 – 2 children per family cause you are responsible – it’s about what you can afford. You are responsible for the future of your children. it’s different in Syria. So you’ll get a quarter of a million of those people soon in Poland. Which means – you get a Syrian minority in Poland .Which also means that politicians will soon come up to them to get their votes and setting up political parties.

heller act
This is exactly what happened in America. In the US – till 1965 – till Kennedy – US took in 350K legal immigrants a year They came mostly from Europe. But democrats said – let’s get the votes we need to increase our base Let’s get the Hispanics let’s give them social benefits and they will vote for us.immgracja do us a
And that’s what happened. Like they drew 350K from Europe so far –
now they took million /year from Latin America. In result – in your lifetime you now got 54M Hispanics in America – 17% of the vote
This is a voting block which politicians now has to deal with and tend to their interests and needs. Republicans today can’t win elections without the Latino vote. The exactly same you will get in Poland. Some ‘Syrian Workers Party’ will be forrned which will fight for Syrian interests – not for Poles minority always is against majority which you know having a Jewish minority which always defends their own – not the Poles.
To the contrary – it attacks you pushing against the wall of guilt for benefits. I somehow find it hard to believe – that he Syrians which come to Poland and representing a different culture would be reading Mickiewicz and Slowacki and marvel upon Polish victorious battle of Grunwald of 1410. They will stick to their own life – like do Latin America migrants in the US. Who took down the confederate flag in South Carolina from the grounds of SC capitol building? Nikki Haley – the governor. Why? Cause she’s a sikh. They call her a half-American.

nikki haleyAs for her the flag associates not with American history – but it’s just a rag associated with racism. You will see that soon yourself.Each time a minority comes it promotes their own culture their own values and will be always destroying the country from within. And politicians will do that for you what already is being done by Janusz Korwin Mikke (a right-wing Polish politician) placing an activist of a Syrian fundation a Syrian – not Polish as #3 on KORWIN party election list in Warsaw.

There’s a scene in the Goodfellas movie where is talk about how a mafioso kills a mafioso he says – they don’t come with big guns, some machetes. They come with smiles in nice suits and ties but they come to kill you. This is exactly how the bacteria of political correctness kills.  It kills silently entire nations. It comes under the form of a nice lady with a nice smile who talks about Syrians who need help cause they’re Christians. It comes with a tragic picture of a child lying dead ashore with a title I read on TVN (Poland commercial television) titled: “one picture can tell a thousand words”.

miliona sloww22But perhaps a few words more were needed here: the child is dead cause its parent killed it – he was a smuggler who capsized the boat who is now in hiding somewhere in Iraq.
The political correctness always comes with nice sounding smooth words you have to help them cause they’s Christians, you have to help them cause they’re refugees, they suffer and have children. What those Muslim men do? They take those children like some sandbags, props and throw them at police just to get through.

TOPSHOTS Migrants are stopped by police after the group broke out from a collection point near Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on September 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / CSABA SEGESVARICSABA SEGESVARI/AFP/Getty Images

TOPSHOTS Migrants are stopped by police after the group broke out from a collection point near Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on September 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / CSABA SEGESVARICSABA SEGESVARI/AFP/Getty Images

Cause they know very well – how the bacteria of political correctness works in Europe you show them a child – they have to help  they know the media will pick that up in no time and report- those are children, refugees who need help. This is how the bacteria of political correctness works which comes now silently to neighborhood near you through all those Syrians you will accept if you accept them – and will be slowly destroying your country from within. There is nothing wrong with saying “Poland for Poles”.
If Poland- a homogenic ethnically country – and this is the biggest treasure Poland now has the biggest value Poland currently really represents – – is the monoethnicity of Polish nation. If Poland has a strong president – under such a strong, unified nation – if the president is capable of creating really strong economy, create real jobs with such a strong united nation – Poland will indeed become a superpower which in my opinion will truly save Europe just like Polish king Jan III Sobieski did at Vienna in XVII century defending it against the Muslim flood.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

web-refugees-graphic-2 (1) web-refugees-graphic-2 West-Balkans-route

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