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The Flood – Max Kolonko commentary on immigrant crisis in Europe (transcript MaxTVnews)

By Max Kolonko | September 12, 2015

migrants march to EU

EU green card for refugees to Europe modelled on US Green Card system – it’s a EU president Juncker’s plan  for 160 000 refugees who camp out in Greece, Italy and Hungary.
According to the plan The Dublin System would be abandoned in which an asylum seeker’s application is to be examined by the country which received him. Now he would obtain his Green or Blue card in the central office in Brussels. In Juncker’s plan if a country refuses to accept their allocation it would be fined 0.002% of GDP. And if it agrees – will be rewarded with a bonus of 6,000 euros per each migrant taken and would have to teach them country’s language and find them jobs within 2 years. That’s what Poland PM E.Kopacz agreed to in July. But now EU demands 12 000 from Poland.

migrants to EU routes
What we see now is the largest wave of Muslims flooding European continent – since the similar flood was stopped by Polish king Jan III Sobieski in the Battle of Vienna in 1683, except that Europe today doesn’t have a politician strong to repeat that.Three EU politicians are responsible for the crisis: EU president Juncker, EC chief Tusk,and Europe’s foreign minister Mogherini. I’ve told you before – Juncker is a total muppet of Chancellor Merkel.Tusk – is the one who governed Poland for 7 years feeding off EU credits till he maxed out and abdicated to Brussels to a job which he couldn’t handle.  Mogherini – she’s a joke. She should never govern anything larger than a local school in Palermo. Those three know nothing about managing an enterprise as large as EU.First and foremost their plan is wrong. as each time the government gives in to immigrant’s demands – like in this case – for every 1000 of immigrants you get 30 000 already packing.

juncker plan migrants

Juncker’s plan is supported by Chancellor Merkel – as Germany needs cheap labor force that’s why they wanted to open up on Ukraine and now take in the migrants. Chancellor Merkel through EU is doing what Hitler used to do through rifles: Germany’s economic and political expansion on neighboring countries.In my opinion they want in a long run – to reactivate the guest-worker program they had in the 50s and bail out from that system they now propose. Meaning – they will give migrants work permits but no citizenship which means that those 800 000 migrants they pledge to accept they will be able to throw out of the country in no time.I’ve never seen anything like it. Crowds marching across Europe defying borders and laws, breaking into trains – and governments do nothing. In Denmark they stormed a train – didn’t want to leave. A local police chief says: They wait for someone to look out the window so they could negotiate…

migrants train
Dear police officer – the best negotiator in cases like that – is a police club. These people are there illegally, they break the law they have no rights and should be deported back where they came from.But EU politicians are unable to do that as EU is infected with the Karl Marx bacteria of political correctness which eats up Europe from the inside. Juncker says those people are cold and we need to help them – but -excuse me – why should we do that? Those are strong men mostly -just look at those images. The  media show you crying children while – 90% of them are strong adult Muslims who don’t assimilate to the countries they arrive to, who will build there mosks introduce shariah law and if they don’t get social benefits they came for they give you hell like you’ve never seen before.

asylum applicationEU should secure its borders cause if not – a million refugees will want the same which would lead to UK exiting the Union.  If they do – EU will still exist but if France also exits EU – it’s over. European Union will collapse just I said a year ago in my “USA of Europe” MaxTV program,European Union will collapse through ethnic minorities just like all the Unions in history.The problem is – each time Unions broke up they were accompanied by wars and very dangerous this time for Poland – revisions of borders.I tell it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York.

distribution of migrants in Germany

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