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GOP-if you can’t beat Trump, join him – (transcript MaxTVnews)

By Max Kolonko | August 23, 2015

clinton trump electionsDonald Trump widens the gap between him and other republican contenders to presidential nomination. Now he came up with an immigration reform.
First item on the agenda is to build a new wall between US and Mexico. A new wall based on new rules: a wall that Mexico will build for us.
How? Each time a truck, a car, a person crosses that border, would have to pay a fee which will go to build the new wall. Two – increase the number of ICE agents from 5000 to 15 000. ICE agents’ job is to deport illegals from the US. Trump points to LAPD department comprised of 10 000 police officers, NYPD is 35 000 officers strong and ICE has only 5000 agents to over the entire United States. Trump wants 15 000 ICE agents.

no anchor babies
Three – no more anchor babies. All those pregnant mothers arriving to the US from Mexico , China, from all over to give birth to a child which automatically becomes a US citizens – to get rid of all that – under Trump not every child born in the US becomes a citizen. It is possible. It would require changing of the Constitution
a agreement of 2/3 majority in Congress.
That’s the Trump’s plan – Next – any illegal who commits a crime in the US gets automatically deported. If you came to the US on a tourist visa legally
and you overstayed -you’re a criminal and can be arrested, jailed and deported
And finally – If they catch you crossing illegally border from Mexico
so far it was – catch me if you can game – catch and release -then catch again –
under Trump – when they catch you, you’re deported as is back where you came from.

trump immigration plan

My take – Political and media establishment should start treating Donald Trump as a serious candidate which he truly is since he can win the elections. So far they mock him, make fun of him – don’t treat him seriously. And he’s got a two digit lead which he keeps increasing. Political establishment can’t even figure out where Trump came from, can’t understand his phenomenon. They think he’s gonna go away any minute now.

Let me tell you why Donald Trump appeared om political scene. In 2008 the elections won another “Trump” but on the other side. His name was Barack Obama – he was an anti-establishment candidate. He was a political outsider since he was from Chicago, he wasn’t really a politician. I called him an ideolog. We couldn’t even figure out what he was but he was called a populist and he won the elections
Now we have the reversed situation but on the other side. Trump is not a politician but a businessman, he tells it like it is. He’s called a populist and he can really win the elections – got a two digit lead now. The political establishment doesn’t even know how to cope with him and what to make of him. So they either attack him, criticize him or ignore him. When they attacked him in the FoxNews debate – Rand Paul was decimated. His attacked was ill aimed, pathetic and people didn’t like it –
This was the first time I’ve seen Rand Paul this small and was completely dissapointed in him. Just a s the public.
Same goes with Texas Governor Rick Perry who attacked Trump like a communist
Trump as a “cancer to be discarded”. Now he perished – the man who could be the next president of the US – gone as he set out to criticize and ignore that serious a candidate Trump is.

The only way for the establishment to beat Trump – is to accept him. The  establishment should embrace Trump if they want to beat him along with an old rule – You can’t beat them – join them. That’s how you make them lose the base they stand on – their strenght. But to do that the establishment would have to part with its own pride and ego and they can’t part with that so they keep attacking him
And that’s what we’ve seen in the presidential debate – where you can’t beat Trump – that was a soundbite debate – 10 candidates and 1 minute per answer and you can’t beat Trump on soundbites. Now we’ll have another debate this fall. Again there will be several candidates – you’ll get a 1 minute answers – and Trump will win again – as you can’t beat Trump on soundbites.
I have told you – Poland needs a dictator. But America needs a dictator just as well.
and Donald Trump – in my opinion – such a candidate indeed is.

Donald TRump rally in Alabama

Donald Trump rally in Alabama

Thousands of people watched Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama. A record crowd in this elections. It was supposed to be a small gathering at first. Then the crowd grew to 10 000 then more still and they decided to move the event to a stadium
The phenomenon of Donald Trump is something which I haven’t seen in my quarter of the century in America. Trump maintains now his two-digit lead over his competitors and even in a CNN poll he trails Hilary Clinton in national elections
and the phenomenon is born spontanously just like yesterday when I watched television. I knew Trump is set to speak – didn’t know where, switched to CNN- Trump is speaking indeed. But since he says politically incorrect things- that television stations were out to get him so the CNN switched to commercials and I switch to Fox. I watched now Trump on Fox but soon they go to commercials too –
so I switched to MSNBC and there he’s too. Soon enough all major networks interrupt their programming and show Trump’s rally in Alabama.
Why it happens so? It’s a wonderful thing about American political system
because people want to watch Trump – so the stations drop their original programming and give people what they want to watch as they immediately call the station , and take it to twits – ratings drop so to keep the ratings we give people Trump. That’s how Trump phenomenon grows. Certainly it is important what his message is – and he tells it like it is – that he will build the wall with Mexico
but that ain’t gonna be the wall this big but up to the ceiling – which is a couple of storeys high. People believe him cause he is a builder,  knows how to build things.
Besides he makes half a Billion a year and in America everyone who makes such money deserves respect. Even blacks are for him as they know they never got a job from a poor. A poor man will rob you – a rich man will give you a job.So in general people from left and right join Trump mania.

Trump leads GOP Aug 2016
And I roll a tear in my eye – as such a phenomenon would not be possible to appear in Poland unfortunately and I have experienced it first hand. I’ve been telling you it like it is for the past two years and it started like with Donald Trump – political and media establishment calls you an oddity or a showman – the exact same terms –
or an islamophob – it’s good to add some phobias but soon after the establishment grows angry silent about you they push you underground. You function there – very popular still but it doesn’t happen like in America – the networks pick you up, cause you’re popular and people want to watch you. That doesn’t happen in Poland at all.
In Poland they immediately will bury you – as some muppet in a television station ponders – if I go on air with him – they might throw me out – as the government changes and will remember that. It is a sad thing to watch. When I watch Donald Trump and his phenomenon how he’s born, tells it like it is , people like to listen to him and the networks tune in to follow – a tear rolls in my eye, since I see the entire difference between Poland and America which is not about that one is richer, has a better currency or a bigger house. The whole difference is in the head.
And there Poles have a lot to learn from Americans yet.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

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