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Poles saved America (and went on strike right thereafter) – MaxTVnews transcript

By Max Kolonko | August 6, 2015

tombsAn archaeological sensation in America. The discovery was made in Jamestown. Jamestown Fort was the first permanent white European settlement in America established in 1607. In its center a church once stood. it was the first church in America where Pocahontas got married to an English noble – the first mixed marriage in America. 
Jamestown Fortkosciol

Around he altar area 4 tombs were discovered of a chaplain, a lawyer, a knight and a military man. The chaplain’s name was Hunt – He arrived to America cause his wife had left him he arrived with a library – it was burned by Indians – Hunt himself got killed soon after.
The knight’s name was Sir Wayman He was a noble and affluent man as his bones contained large amounts of lead – an indication that Sir Wayman used lead tableware and not just some wooden ladle – a sign of high status. Apparently he ate healthy food and stuffed himself with lead  but that’s what it used to be like in those days.

The attorney – Sir Archer had a problem of his own the anthropologists counted 14 cavities in his teeth but he also had a silver box stored in his legs with a mysterious content inside. They cleaned up the box and discovered a letter “M” engraved on its lid. “M” as in Max or Mary – that was the name of Sir Archer’s mother. They didn’t open the container – just scanned it – it seems to contain bone fragments of some sort and an open lead ampulla.

lead ampulla Fort Jamestown

A silver box found at Fort Jamestown and its content


They all seem to die violently and young – in their 30s most likely killed by Indians – that’s how it could be interpreted The coffins were of anthropoid shape relatively complex with a separate space for the head as in pharaoh coffins.

Discovering America chapter

My take is this: These coffins most likely were built by the Poles. It was Polish craftsmen who arrived to Jamestown right on the second ship. In 1607 – first settlers arrived. n 1608 – the craftsmen, Poles and Germans. Why craftsmen were sent there? To save those settlers as they knew nothing about anything. They had no skills,  were afraid to plant crops for fear to be killed by Indians. In fact they were starving. A horrible starvation decimated the settlers.From over 300 settlers who arrived to Jamestown in 1607 only a few dozen survived in the following months.  Hence Fort Jamestown was at the time called The Morgue. No one in Europe at that time used to say:  You’re going to America but: You’re headed to that morgue? You nuts?

So they sent Poles to the rescue. It was also Poles who organized first labor strike in America of 1617. They demanded equal rights and got their demands met.  So Poles not only rescued America but also took part in the establishment of America.

ODKRYWANIE AMERYKI FRONT - CopyTwo – Among those first settlers were also slaves. Were they Negroes? No, they were white slaves. I write about this in my book Discovering America though they are today called by a politically correct term: “indentured servants”.
Why so? Cause they were arriving on a contract. Young boys from England and Germany who couldn’t afford the ticket for the trip. So they approached their Lord and said: I go with you.
Can I work my ticket back? They signed a contract and worked for years to be free from that slavery
I write in my book how it looked in detail. For example if parents of a child died during the journey – a long 2-3 months adventure across the ocean,  it was children who had to earn back price of the ticket with their labor for the Lord. It is estimated that  2/3 of all the settlers who arrived to America between 1607 and 1776, were white slaves.

And finally Three: Pocahontas – she was a nice piece of a** indeed. Pocahantes

I’m telling like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

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