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Poland, immigrants and elections. (transcript MaxTV July 14 2015)

By Max Kolonko | July 15, 2015

Poland unexpectedly declares it will accept 2000 EU’s asylum seekers even though there isn’t still consensus how many asylum recipients EU members should take in. The deadline for the agreement was moved to July 20th but still states didn’t offer much – and UK says they take NONE. So does Denmark but Poland now surprisingly declares they will take’s about 60 000 asylum seekers from which 40 000 camps out in Greece and Italy and 20 000 now living outside EU.But all this is but a drop in the bucket or – a tip of an iceberg which the Titanic of EU collided with as the number of asylum applications to EU in 2014 was 628 000. A year earlier 435 000. we see a year-over-year increase.Add to that illegal immigrants who get through The Mediterranean Sea- this year it’s 150 000 – a 150% increase from 2014.azylanci

Which means 3 things.

1- The number of asylum seekers will keep increasing year to year which means that Poles will have to accommodate more and more migrants every year.

2-  FRONTEX will not be able to secure Europe’s southern border as they have no experience, money and means to do so and

3- Ethnic minorities will collapse European Union which I stated long ago.

Poland to accept 2000 migrants for which it will receive 12 M euros – 6000 per head. but you need also to find those people jobs within 9 months after they set their foot on Poland’s soil.


My take is this: Poland’s PM Ewa Kopacz should very well resign after the decision.The decision hurts not only Poland but her own party – PO (the Civic Platform) Poland doesn’t want them – the nation doesn’t want them and the ruling party too. To do something like that 3 months ahead of elections is a political suicide.

The Civic Platform could still win this fall’s elections.Who said they couldn’t win? PIS (the Law and Justice Party) has won nothing yet. All they won in May was presidential elections by half a million votes’ margin That’s nothing.They act though like they won everything – they got a new government in place – cabinet in place – they already govern – got solutions to everything some proposals more crazy than another – as the project to reform TVP- Poland’s public broadcaster their proposal is just a bunch of crap. PIS wasn’t able to govern public television in 2005 and is not able apparently to do so in 2015. If i agree with the criticism of the proposal with some liberal opponents – means there’s sth wrong with it Now I’ll tell you how the Civic Platform can still win the parliamentary elections OK? First – dismiss PM Kopacz. how you’ll do that’s your problem. Why she should go? PM Kopacz has made a risky political/personal decision. She’s doing Donald Tusk a favor. Tusk (former PM) made her the PM. Now Tusk is in trouble cause he heads EC and to survive he needs the example of 2000 migrants to be displaced to Poland to save his own job. He comes from Poland and PO is his party so she does him the favor. Whose idea was it to spread the migrants to EU member countries? That you accommodate them into your living rooms? Anyone? EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos. A Greek. The former mayor of Athens. What Kopacz does for Tusk – he’s doing to his own in Greece. As Greece has a huge migrants problem – 60 000 migrants this year only and it’s July they protest in front of the police stations in Greece to be arrested. Just look at he absurdity of it – Illegals want to be arrested -= why? Cause if they get arrested they will get papers – when they get the papers they will be able to ask for asylum to come to your living rooms in Poland – That’s what the idiocy of EU is all about.

key routes

First – get rid of PM Kopacz her decision hurts the party before crucial elections. Who says you can’t remove a high ranking member of party – who acts against party’s interests? Don’t know – make a coup, an impeachment a revolution, a vote of non-confidence hijack her car, throw her to some basement in suburbs as long as you keep her away from politics and the new leader will say – You get nothing – no immigrants legal or illegal to Poland as Poles can’t afford it. And Poland will definitely not take those from Kosovo they are Albanian Muslims who just a few years ago burnt Christian churches and turned churches into public toilets. After that – you immediately got a jump in polls. #2 – You take over all positive postulates of PIS – your opponents for some unknown reason they opened their cards already when some are good – say – yes those are ours now – They’re good indeed – we will implement them. But the bad postulates – like the one about TVP turn them into good ones – reform the public broadcaster now. Get rid of all those journalists – political officers of yours who work there who served your party well through the years but they got paid for that after all even got medals from the former President for telling like it is NOT. You let them go now – and get 30% of the independent voters right away cause they know – the news program in public television in Poland depends on which government governs. And lastly – pledge 150% support for P. Kukiz independent movement – promote reform of the voting system – and the elections this fall is yours. After all you got nothing to lose – but everything to gain.
I’m Max Kolonko – Telling it like it is – from New York.


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