Russia’s Syrian Blitz – (transcript MaxTVnews) Max Kolonko

By Max Kolonko | October 8, 2015

ches pawn

Russia took over initiative in the Middle East.Russian planes neutralized 60 targets in just a few days.Russian media showed SU34 in a blusterous flight and a Russian general states rebels are escaping to Europe now.They also showed drone footage showing a half a ton BETAB500 bombs exploding eliminating enemy’s targets.
However here in the US we’ve seen sth else. The media showed burning buildings then an info “Russian attacks killed 2 children and a shephard”. That lasted till next day when world media reported the US war planes accidentally bombed a hospital in Afghanistan sending half a dozen people auf viedersehn. US president B.Obama said Russia will be bogged down in Syrian quagmire and that the US is sending another cache of weapons for rebels in Syria via Turkey corridor. The same rebels Syrian President Assad calls “terrorists”. That’s what he said in a very interesting interview he granted to an Iranian television station.Assad_Asma-x-large
He said in the interview – among others. Allow me to recapitulate the interview for you as here in the US and Europe the media quote the interview but very selectively. You can find the entire interview here:

POLAND and Jews MaxTV

Watch: Minority Narrative of Guilt explained on MaxTV: how minorities push majority against the wall of guilt for benefits

President B. Assad said there an interesting thing that Syria accepted a flood of refugees who arrived to Syria after American invasion on Iraq in 2003-4 then arrived the Turks, Kurds so Syria became a country with large ethnic minorities and it is the ethnic minorities who are now being armed chiefly by Saudi Arabia to stirr a rebellion then joined by the US to begin rebellion to overthrow president Assad through ethnic minorities. It’s interesting to me cause. I’ve told you in MaxTV commentary Poland and Jews what minorities can do that ethnic minorities always weaken the state.Ethnic minorities – I said – can be used to cause tensions create rebellions of all sorts be armed and take over power militarily or do the same by peaceful means- enter the parliaments and overthrow governments demolishing the state from within.  President B.Assad said Syria is willing to reform he said that in the interview – and that he is willing to conduct a referendum in Syria so that Syrians could decide themselves who governs there and that is Syrian people who should decide who governs Syria – not foreign powers.
What we see now in the Middle East is two superpowers fighting for influence US and Russia Russia’s coalition is Iran, Iraq and Syria.A for blog UKLAD SIL
US coalition is European countries plus Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar both coalitions fight for influence on Syria’s territory. In my social model of politics you need to add to that another division into Sunni (dark gray color) and Shia Muslims (light gray color). Shia is Iran, Iraq, Syria Sunni is Saudi Arabia, Qatar and basically all around. Over that division you need to add another one: Wahabi Sunni – which is Caliphate ISIS a Sunni faction which wants to destroy everything around and then we got another element which is Israel which thinks they all are after destroying them. AA GRAPH political force for blogA tense environment in which in my opinion Russian took now the initiative and did that bullet fast. President Obama said “it’s not some chessboard out there” which means Obama doesn’t play chess but basketball. Cause if he’d play chess – he’d know what a BLITZ in chess is. BLITZ is a quick chess game you get 3- 5 min for the game. And that’s what Putin is doing in Syria. Just look how quickly he got this thing going Putin did in 2 weeks what Obama was doing in years. First he smuggled his jets to Syria flying them to Syria under cargo planes with humanitarian aid SU 34 were thus invisible to radar. Then he sent 2000 of his ” green men” and now he can act. Putin did all that around UN session in NYC when he knew all those who don’t want to talk to him will be there and willing to talk.Then he set up an interview with CBS 60 minutes explaining why is Russia present in Syria. Russia can change dynamics of the war in Syria quickly as they got everything needed for military operations there 6 T90 3rd generation tanks 15 howitzers 28 war planes SU from numbers 25 to 34 which they smuggled under bellies of cargo planes flying with humanitarian aid to Syria Russia also has from 1500 -2000 military personnel on-site. RUSSIA military in SyriaAn interesting situation came up in the CBS interview where Mr Putin gave an explanation for their presence there. In his argument for intervention in Syria president Putin used the opposing argument for his annexation of Crimea. I told you in my MaxTV commentary Putin annexed Crimea basing it on my model of Nation Coming to its Roots. Russia is engaged wherever interest of Russian ethnic minorities are involved. In the interview Putin claimed Russian ethnic minority is present in Syria as well. But it is fighting in Syria on the side of Caliphate ISIS.. So Putin enters Syria conflict to kill them off instead of waiting for them to arrive to Russia to cause problems. It’s an interesting argument politically. Politically absolutely correct. That is why you have 2000 Russian military men 1 to 1 – 2000 military for 2000 fighters of Russian ethnicity.Putin interview CBS

Watch portions of the interview

Watch Revision of Yalta a MaxTV program on revision of borders in Europe half a year before Russia's annexation of Crimea

Watch Revision of Yalta a MaxTV program on revision of borders in Europe half a year before Russia’s annexation of Crimea

My take on this Syrian mess is this: Both US and Russia could knock out all that barefoot Caliphate running around deserts one two three had there been a political will. But there isn’t. The US needs Caliphate ISIS as a leverage on Saudi Arabia which is afraid of ISIS – to keep oil prices low. Saudi Arabia is OPEC and OPEC is every third barrel of oil entering the market. And low oil prices also hits Russia indirectly. But hurting more Russian people than the business. You read in papers – Ruble drops, Russian economy will collapse etc – true – but at the same time their exports are cheap With low production cost and cheap Ruble – their oil is cheap. Russia floods the markets with oil. And cause of that – according to a recent report – Russian state companies Rosneft and Lukoil – mostly thanks to the sanctions – made this year – twice as much money as BP and Exxon Mobile. Of course low oil prices concern Russia in a long run if oil prices would drop to around $40 /barrel Russia would have a problem. So Russia enters the conflict, take the initiative and US has not much of a move here. There was some talk who wanted to meet first – Putin or Obama. Of course it was the US which was pushed against the wall by Russia’s acts. Russia put a footprint in Syria and now acts from the position of strength.Russia took over the initiative in the entire region. They signed a Syria, Iran, Iraq intell deal to cooperate their efforts jointly.poitical interests in the middle east us russia saudi arabia So Russia is full speed ahead in Syria. And the US got not much of a move – the Iran deal as a leverage on Saudi Arabia may not last and for US to cope with the Caliphate ISIS problem the US soldiers would have to enter the region and they don’t want to do it – as the nation is against it so the US would have to use some of those rebels and that’s what they did. In July the CIA found 54 of those rebels in Syria who were against Caliphate ISIS and against Assad. They armed them. Spent nearly $42M on training for training 54 commandos to fight against Assad and against Caliphate the trouble was it turned out there are 5 of them left only. Where’s the rest? They were last seen  crossing border with Turkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if those 54 fighters trained in killing – would’ve been seen for the last time jumping head first into a train in Austria heading to Berlin as Syrian refugees.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

Watch Russia’s Syrian Blitz on MaxTVnews

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The Flood (part 2) – MaxTvnews transcript on migrant crisis in Europe.

By Max Kolonko | September 19, 2015

web-refugees-graphic-2European Union is closing its borders ahead of flood of Muslim migrants. First Germany closed its border with Austria, then Austria closed the border with Hungary, Hungary closed its border with Serbia and Polish PM E. Kopacz sent the Minister of Interior for a flyover of Poland’s borders on Monday… and reported to her on Tuesday what she saw.
The domino was triggered by Germany as its Chancellor, Merkel, decided
Germany accepted the number of cheap labor which Germany’s economy needed to maintain its growth. They accepted the limits that were required.  The political goal was reached and now they say ‘we are closing the borders.’ It’s a “schluss’ and the migrant problem is now yours.
But with the closing of Germany’s borders Chancellor Merkel suspended the functioning 1 of 2 main pillars on which EU stands: the Shengen Area. The 2nd pillar on which EU stands – is Eurozone.

two pillars of eu That pillar was undermined by the Greece crisis. Now 2nd pillar on which EU stands – the Shengen area was undermined by the Muslim flood which means the EU is now wobbling on its legs and may be collapsed by ethnic minorities which is what I’ve been repeating for a long time. In my opinion EU is not capable of coping with the problem as it doesn’t have politicians good enough to handle the crisis Tusk, Mogherini and Juncker can’t do it and have no organization to secure EU borders.

frontex budget 2015

FRONTEX is a joke. All they can do is to fish out the drowned from the water. (read 2015 budget numbers below)

What needs to be done is sending military to secure the borders and military to guard the immigrants’ camps. Then you have to count all the migrants in the camps number them – and send them back where they came from.
Only then you can start thinking about legal immigration to Europe.
My take on this mess is as follows:
Poland has no obligation to accept anybody. Poland is a monoethnic country and this is a huge advantage of Poland. Monoethnicity is Poland’s strength. Poland has lately a very strong anti-immigration sentiment – is just ahead of parliamentary elections and should accept no immigrants at this time.

distribution of migrants in Germany

Similarly Germany doesn’t send migrants to lands with strong anti-migrant sentiment like Mecklenburg, West Pomerania where they sent a meek 2%. Why? Cause of NPD in parliament – the nationalists who would’ve immediately sent the migrants into space. Two: I said in May – you take in 2000 – you get 10 000 half a year later. You got 12 000. You take 12 000 – soon you’ll get 20 – 50 K as this people multiply cause of birth rate you have to multiply all this by 6 as that’s what this culture is about. They are Christians but of different culture -Syrian In that culture high fertility rate ia a virtue that the family is vital, prosperous. In European, Polish culture it’s totally different – you got 1 – 2 children per family cause you are responsible – it’s about what you can afford. You are responsible for the future of your children. it’s different in Syria. So you’ll get a quarter of a million of those people soon in Poland. Which means – you get a Syrian minority in Poland .Which also means that politicians will soon come up to them to get their votes and setting up political parties.

heller act
This is exactly what happened in America. In the US – till 1965 – till Kennedy – US took in 350K legal immigrants a year They came mostly from Europe. But democrats said – let’s get the votes we need to increase our base Let’s get the Hispanics let’s give them social benefits and they will vote for us.immgracja do us a
And that’s what happened. Like they drew 350K from Europe so far –
now they took million /year from Latin America. In result – in your lifetime you now got 54M Hispanics in America – 17% of the vote
This is a voting block which politicians now has to deal with and tend to their interests and needs. Republicans today can’t win elections without the Latino vote. The exactly same you will get in Poland. Some ‘Syrian Workers Party’ will be forrned which will fight for Syrian interests – not for Poles minority always is against majority which you know having a Jewish minority which always defends their own – not the Poles.
To the contrary – it attacks you pushing against the wall of guilt for benefits. I somehow find it hard to believe – that he Syrians which come to Poland and representing a different culture would be reading Mickiewicz and Slowacki and marvel upon Polish victorious battle of Grunwald of 1410. They will stick to their own life – like do Latin America migrants in the US. Who took down the confederate flag in South Carolina from the grounds of SC capitol building? Nikki Haley – the governor. Why? Cause she’s a sikh. They call her a half-American.

nikki haleyAs for her the flag associates not with American history – but it’s just a rag associated with racism. You will see that soon yourself.Each time a minority comes it promotes their own culture their own values and will be always destroying the country from within. And politicians will do that for you what already is being done by Janusz Korwin Mikke (a right-wing Polish politician) placing an activist of a Syrian fundation a Syrian – not Polish as #3 on KORWIN party election list in Warsaw.

There’s a scene in the Goodfellas movie where is talk about how a mafioso kills a mafioso he says – they don’t come with big guns, some machetes. They come with smiles in nice suits and ties but they come to kill you. This is exactly how the bacteria of political correctness kills.  It kills silently entire nations. It comes under the form of a nice lady with a nice smile who talks about Syrians who need help cause they’re Christians. It comes with a tragic picture of a child lying dead ashore with a title I read on TVN (Poland commercial television) titled: “one picture can tell a thousand words”.

miliona sloww22But perhaps a few words more were needed here: the child is dead cause its parent killed it – he was a smuggler who capsized the boat who is now in hiding somewhere in Iraq.
The political correctness always comes with nice sounding smooth words you have to help them cause they’s Christians, you have to help them cause they’re refugees, they suffer and have children. What those Muslim men do? They take those children like some sandbags, props and throw them at police just to get through.

TOPSHOTS Migrants are stopped by police after the group broke out from a collection point near Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on September 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / CSABA SEGESVARICSABA SEGESVARI/AFP/Getty Images

TOPSHOTS Migrants are stopped by police after the group broke out from a collection point near Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on September 7, 2015. AFP PHOTO / CSABA SEGESVARICSABA SEGESVARI/AFP/Getty Images

Cause they know very well – how the bacteria of political correctness works in Europe you show them a child – they have to help  they know the media will pick that up in no time and report- those are children, refugees who need help. This is how the bacteria of political correctness works which comes now silently to neighborhood near you through all those Syrians you will accept if you accept them – and will be slowly destroying your country from within. There is nothing wrong with saying “Poland for Poles”.
If Poland- a homogenic ethnically country – and this is the biggest treasure Poland now has the biggest value Poland currently really represents – – is the monoethnicity of Polish nation. If Poland has a strong president – under such a strong, unified nation – if the president is capable of creating really strong economy, create real jobs with such a strong united nation – Poland will indeed become a superpower which in my opinion will truly save Europe just like Polish king Jan III Sobieski did at Vienna in XVII century defending it against the Muslim flood.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

web-refugees-graphic-2 (1) web-refugees-graphic-2 West-Balkans-route

EUROPE POPULATION CHANGE European-population-change-mapEurope-population-change-map-page-001

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The Flood – Max Kolonko commentary on immigrant crisis in Europe (transcript MaxTVnews)

By Max Kolonko | September 12, 2015

migrants march to EU

EU green card for refugees to Europe modelled on US Green Card system – it’s a EU president Juncker’s plan  for 160 000 refugees who camp out in Greece, Italy and Hungary.
According to the plan The Dublin System would be abandoned in which an asylum seeker’s application is to be examined by the country which received him. Now he would obtain his Green or Blue card in the central office in Brussels. In Juncker’s plan if a country refuses to accept their allocation it would be fined 0.002% of GDP. And if it agrees – will be rewarded with a bonus of 6,000 euros per each migrant taken and would have to teach them country’s language and find them jobs within 2 years. That’s what Poland PM E.Kopacz agreed to in July. But now EU demands 12 000 from Poland.

migrants to EU routes
What we see now is the largest wave of Muslims flooding European continent – since the similar flood was stopped by Polish king Jan III Sobieski in the Battle of Vienna in 1683, except that Europe today doesn’t have a politician strong to repeat that.Three EU politicians are responsible for the crisis: EU president Juncker, EC chief Tusk,and Europe’s foreign minister Mogherini. I’ve told you before – Juncker is a total muppet of Chancellor Merkel.Tusk – is the one who governed Poland for 7 years feeding off EU credits till he maxed out and abdicated to Brussels to a job which he couldn’t handle.  Mogherini – she’s a joke. She should never govern anything larger than a local school in Palermo. Those three know nothing about managing an enterprise as large as EU.First and foremost their plan is wrong. as each time the government gives in to immigrant’s demands – like in this case – for every 1000 of immigrants you get 30 000 already packing.

juncker plan migrants

Juncker’s plan is supported by Chancellor Merkel – as Germany needs cheap labor force that’s why they wanted to open up on Ukraine and now take in the migrants. Chancellor Merkel through EU is doing what Hitler used to do through rifles: Germany’s economic and political expansion on neighboring countries.In my opinion they want in a long run – to reactivate the guest-worker program they had in the 50s and bail out from that system they now propose. Meaning – they will give migrants work permits but no citizenship which means that those 800 000 migrants they pledge to accept they will be able to throw out of the country in no time.I’ve never seen anything like it. Crowds marching across Europe defying borders and laws, breaking into trains – and governments do nothing. In Denmark they stormed a train – didn’t want to leave. A local police chief says: They wait for someone to look out the window so they could negotiate…

migrants train
Dear police officer – the best negotiator in cases like that – is a police club. These people are there illegally, they break the law they have no rights and should be deported back where they came from.But EU politicians are unable to do that as EU is infected with the Karl Marx bacteria of political correctness which eats up Europe from the inside. Juncker says those people are cold and we need to help them – but -excuse me – why should we do that? Those are strong men mostly -just look at those images. The  media show you crying children while – 90% of them are strong adult Muslims who don’t assimilate to the countries they arrive to, who will build there mosks introduce shariah law and if they don’t get social benefits they came for they give you hell like you’ve never seen before.

asylum applicationEU should secure its borders cause if not – a million refugees will want the same which would lead to UK exiting the Union.  If they do – EU will still exist but if France also exits EU – it’s over. European Union will collapse just I said a year ago in my “USA of Europe” MaxTV program,European Union will collapse through ethnic minorities just like all the Unions in history.The problem is – each time Unions broke up they were accompanied by wars and very dangerous this time for Poland – revisions of borders.I tell it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York.

distribution of migrants in Germany

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Gotcha Journalism – Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos &Co (MaxTVnews transcript)

By Max Kolonko | August 30, 2015

gotcha journalismDonald Trump blasts Fox News anchor calling her a “bimbo”, throws a Univision reporter out of his press conference and in Poland the former presidential candidate Pawel Kukiz walks out of a live interview broadcast nationwide.
There is a common denominator for all these events -It’s the fall of journalism – let me tell you why.

The Fox’s anchor is Megyn Kelly. She’s the one who asked that question during republican debate watched by 24 million people:Trump didn’t like that much.Now he let’s her have it – calling her a “bimbo” she received threats as people didn’t like that as well ratings dropped. She took a leave, then came back but she’s still bleeding ratings Fox’s CEO Roger Ailes defended Kelly saying she “represents the very best of American journalism”.

megyn kelly roger aIles
My take:
Megyn Kelly is not a journalist. I have told you that a year ago .  She is a lawyer turned journalist and should never co-anchor such a serious political event as presidential debate. I wondered what happened to the Fox News heavyweight Bill O’Reilly why he wasn’t anchoring. Bill O’Reilly would’ve never allowed for such tabloid a question be asked in his presence.
But the question popped as it was Megyn Kelly herself to ask such question as there was a huge pressure from the republican lobby to get rid of Trump’s threat before the debate. All they needed was a good gotcha question
and Kelly was supposed to be the one – like an obsequious poodle –
to give them Trump – put him on the wall and accomplish the victory
But it all turned against her.
The second case – it’s Jorge Ramos a Univision reporter in full disclosure Univision got a lawsuit filed by Trump against them for $0.5 B for breach of Miss Universe contract.

Now the Univision reporter came to Trump’s event, He knew he most likely won’t have the opportunity to ask questions so he started asking questions not being called. Trump retorted you weren’t called – but he goes on – they escorted him out finally – Ramos is recording every move to show what tough a reporter he is – gotcha journalism at its best – but finally they allowed him to get back in and ask questions but now he’s not asking questions but forming opinions besmirching D. Trump playing into his station’s bosses and its audience like Megyn Kelly was playing into Fox News and the republican party. He is doing it for the Latino audience to prove before them what a brave journalist he is – Gotcha journalism at its worse:

And the third example is Pawel Kukiz, the former presidential candidate in Poland’s May elections. He is the guest of The Republic television station (an independent, commercial station in Poland). Living here in New York I’ve never seen their programming. I bet it’s very good. They published that interview – i understand it wasn’t aired (it was). They posted it on YouTube and that made me wonder Cause if they aired such garbage – cause it’s garbage
it means two things for me: First – they don’t get what opinionated news is all about they consider it good and it’s not – or – Two – the pressure to attack Kukiz was so strong they chose to air that bad clip – in fact – embarrassing their station and the journalist and to air it anyway only to destroy Kukiz and de facto become a propaganda tool for PIS (Law and Justice Party which is leading in polls). Otherwise I can’t find any coherent reason for them to air that clip – which is a total journalistic garbage. I encourage you to see the entire clip yourself. It’s amazing – I’ve never seen anything like it. I never knew opinionated news in Poland was in such a poor shape. They go at each other – for the first 15 mins I don’t know what they ‘re talking about they jump from one subject to another we all suffer through it
after 20 mins I begin to wonder who throws towel first: either me, the journalist, Kukiz or my television set – something’s gotta give here.
At one point Kukiz says he went to Ukraine and saw anti-Polish sentiment building there and the journalist says: And I was there too and I didn’t see it.
And I was in Hawaii and saw a shark with a jaw this big!
I did.
Who cares what the journalist saw or didn’t see. Kukiz is the guest here, Kukiz is the former presidential candidate who still carries double digit support and I want to know his opinions not hers. Same with Donald Trump.
Who cares what a Univision reporter thinks- btw Ramos should speak English first – cause I have trouble understanding him. I’m not interested what journalists have to say but what their guest do that’s what opinionated news in interviews format is all about if a journalist wants to express his opinion -turn the camera on yourself and talk all you want but leave your guest in the studio alone he is the one to talk – not you. And this is the patology of Polish journalism you can see it all over: TVN, TVP, Polsat- (Poland’s television stations). A Polsat journalist was once arguing his views with his guest so strongly he went 20 minutes over air time allowed for the show. And this is what a TVN broadcast journalist introduced in Poland in the 90s as back than there was the thaw after years of communist’s rule so when an anchor attacked the guest viciously. People applauded: what a brave ournalist! But this was 20 years ago.
The media has changed since – Poland has changed, the world has changed – but they remained still. The journalism is now as it was then.
When I watch Polish opinionated news programs in studio format. I don’t know what they’re talking about – they argue the more people the more fight – I can’t even hear sometimes what they say they have such an good “debate” that as a viewer I take nothing from it.
Now – I completely to get it what these guest do come to those shows it escapes me why they come knowing that you’ll be attacked and destroyed so that the journalist could in the end triumphantly announce: “And my today’s guest was so and so” when the infuriated guest leaves the studio. This is their creme de la creme – this is their gotcha moment, the moment when they got to this guest so bad they got’em so good, destroyed him that he decides to walk away from live interview. I always say – should bring a baseball bat to the studio – don’t leave but take a good swing instead – you’ll there’s no brains there. That’s what you should do – a “teachable moment”.
Otherwise I don’t know why you come to those shows argue and fight.  Why you all do that? You only build up their ratings then they show it to the advertisers and say – this many people watched us. And those comments? Aahh – forget comments…

onet 3
Just look at those comments – they’re 100% negative. Now I read the new head of Polish public broadcaster TVP met with the journalists. Said to reporters – We’re ending with tabloidisation of the media. The reporters go – Yesssir! We have ended with tabloidisation, right away a poll arrives out of the blue – their ratings improved – they’re leading now. Really miracles! It’s a miracle Mr Chairman!
Mr Chairman if you have such powers make fish rain. I go to Poland with a bucket and give the fish to the poor. Really. Also please remember that come fall – TVP usually changes studio’s decor – the “new” arrived – while it’s same old same old reporters – with some masks on – so they could paint themselves as someone else. Keep it up – but don’t complain later that you get 100% negative comments. That article about TVP chairman making miracles. It’s got 100% negative comments. 100%. 

How come – I get 1 million views -and 20 000 likes? See for yourself. It means people can reward good journalism. People ain’t stupid. But elsewhere people very often come and comment negatively and they show it to advertisers and say – look how popular we are! Show us the money – and the thing spins round
Why you do that – it escapes me.

polska i zydzi

And lastly: It happens to me sometimes – like yesterday . I banned a viewer from my MaxTV Youtube channel as he said I only tell it like it is for personal gains. That I got some hidden agenda in my journalism.
There are people in this world, in Poland, US, elsewhere who do certain things on principle for universal reasons like patriotism, Poland, nation, America -things we believe in and we do it on our own – like Trump I don’t need nobody’s money. I don’t need to play into them – to get their dough
to tell later what they want me to say I can afford that – and I receive donations from you for which I thank you. But cause of that I can tell it like it is because that’s what I believe in – for universal values and not for some interest. We Poles always had some small crazy interest in our history that ruined our country. If we didn’t like sth cause it was against our personal interest – we bashed the idea immediately. We Poles don’t think larger – in terms of the nation for other reasons than our own personal gain.
I do all this because a quarter of a century ago I left Poland for America
From that mess that was there 25 years later I get emails from you and I see myself in those mails. You tell me the exact same things I said when I was in Poland. A quarter of a century passed and in Poland nothing changed.
Just as the government lied to you then – it lies to you now.
Just as politicians cheated on you then – they cheat on you now.
Just as journalists were bulls*tting you back then – they bulls*it you now.
Just as businessmen stole from you then – they stole from you now.
So whom are you to trust? A priest in a church?
Or –
Switch to the internet to watch the only television worth watching – MaxTV
I’m telling like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

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GOP-if you can’t beat Trump, join him – (transcript MaxTVnews)

By Max Kolonko | August 23, 2015

clinton trump electionsDonald Trump widens the gap between him and other republican contenders to presidential nomination. Now he came up with an immigration reform.
First item on the agenda is to build a new wall between US and Mexico. A new wall based on new rules: a wall that Mexico will build for us.
How? Each time a truck, a car, a person crosses that border, would have to pay a fee which will go to build the new wall. Two – increase the number of ICE agents from 5000 to 15 000. ICE agents’ job is to deport illegals from the US. Trump points to LAPD department comprised of 10 000 police officers, NYPD is 35 000 officers strong and ICE has only 5000 agents to over the entire United States. Trump wants 15 000 ICE agents.

no anchor babies
Three – no more anchor babies. All those pregnant mothers arriving to the US from Mexico , China, from all over to give birth to a child which automatically becomes a US citizens – to get rid of all that – under Trump not every child born in the US becomes a citizen. It is possible. It would require changing of the Constitution
a agreement of 2/3 majority in Congress.
That’s the Trump’s plan – Next – any illegal who commits a crime in the US gets automatically deported. If you came to the US on a tourist visa legally
and you overstayed -you’re a criminal and can be arrested, jailed and deported
And finally – If they catch you crossing illegally border from Mexico
so far it was – catch me if you can game – catch and release -then catch again –
under Trump – when they catch you, you’re deported as is back where you came from.

trump immigration plan

My take – Political and media establishment should start treating Donald Trump as a serious candidate which he truly is since he can win the elections. So far they mock him, make fun of him – don’t treat him seriously. And he’s got a two digit lead which he keeps increasing. Political establishment can’t even figure out where Trump came from, can’t understand his phenomenon. They think he’s gonna go away any minute now.

Let me tell you why Donald Trump appeared om political scene. In 2008 the elections won another “Trump” but on the other side. His name was Barack Obama – he was an anti-establishment candidate. He was a political outsider since he was from Chicago, he wasn’t really a politician. I called him an ideolog. We couldn’t even figure out what he was but he was called a populist and he won the elections
Now we have the reversed situation but on the other side. Trump is not a politician but a businessman, he tells it like it is. He’s called a populist and he can really win the elections – got a two digit lead now. The political establishment doesn’t even know how to cope with him and what to make of him. So they either attack him, criticize him or ignore him. When they attacked him in the FoxNews debate – Rand Paul was decimated. His attacked was ill aimed, pathetic and people didn’t like it –
This was the first time I’ve seen Rand Paul this small and was completely dissapointed in him. Just a s the public.
Same goes with Texas Governor Rick Perry who attacked Trump like a communist
Trump as a “cancer to be discarded”. Now he perished – the man who could be the next president of the US – gone as he set out to criticize and ignore that serious a candidate Trump is.

The only way for the establishment to beat Trump – is to accept him. The  establishment should embrace Trump if they want to beat him along with an old rule – You can’t beat them – join them. That’s how you make them lose the base they stand on – their strenght. But to do that the establishment would have to part with its own pride and ego and they can’t part with that so they keep attacking him
And that’s what we’ve seen in the presidential debate – where you can’t beat Trump – that was a soundbite debate – 10 candidates and 1 minute per answer and you can’t beat Trump on soundbites. Now we’ll have another debate this fall. Again there will be several candidates – you’ll get a 1 minute answers – and Trump will win again – as you can’t beat Trump on soundbites.
I have told you – Poland needs a dictator. But America needs a dictator just as well.
and Donald Trump – in my opinion – such a candidate indeed is.

Donald TRump rally in Alabama

Donald Trump rally in Alabama

Thousands of people watched Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama. A record crowd in this elections. It was supposed to be a small gathering at first. Then the crowd grew to 10 000 then more still and they decided to move the event to a stadium
The phenomenon of Donald Trump is something which I haven’t seen in my quarter of the century in America. Trump maintains now his two-digit lead over his competitors and even in a CNN poll he trails Hilary Clinton in national elections
and the phenomenon is born spontanously just like yesterday when I watched television. I knew Trump is set to speak – didn’t know where, switched to CNN- Trump is speaking indeed. But since he says politically incorrect things- that television stations were out to get him so the CNN switched to commercials and I switch to Fox. I watched now Trump on Fox but soon they go to commercials too –
so I switched to MSNBC and there he’s too. Soon enough all major networks interrupt their programming and show Trump’s rally in Alabama.
Why it happens so? It’s a wonderful thing about American political system
because people want to watch Trump – so the stations drop their original programming and give people what they want to watch as they immediately call the station , and take it to twits – ratings drop so to keep the ratings we give people Trump. That’s how Trump phenomenon grows. Certainly it is important what his message is – and he tells it like it is – that he will build the wall with Mexico
but that ain’t gonna be the wall this big but up to the ceiling – which is a couple of storeys high. People believe him cause he is a builder,  knows how to build things.
Besides he makes half a Billion a year and in America everyone who makes such money deserves respect. Even blacks are for him as they know they never got a job from a poor. A poor man will rob you – a rich man will give you a job.So in general people from left and right join Trump mania.

Trump leads GOP Aug 2016
And I roll a tear in my eye – as such a phenomenon would not be possible to appear in Poland unfortunately and I have experienced it first hand. I’ve been telling you it like it is for the past two years and it started like with Donald Trump – political and media establishment calls you an oddity or a showman – the exact same terms –
or an islamophob – it’s good to add some phobias but soon after the establishment grows angry silent about you they push you underground. You function there – very popular still but it doesn’t happen like in America – the networks pick you up, cause you’re popular and people want to watch you. That doesn’t happen in Poland at all.
In Poland they immediately will bury you – as some muppet in a television station ponders – if I go on air with him – they might throw me out – as the government changes and will remember that. It is a sad thing to watch. When I watch Donald Trump and his phenomenon how he’s born, tells it like it is , people like to listen to him and the networks tune in to follow – a tear rolls in my eye, since I see the entire difference between Poland and America which is not about that one is richer, has a better currency or a bigger house. The whole difference is in the head.
And there Poles have a lot to learn from Americans yet.
I’m telling it like it is – Max Kolonko – New York

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